Commodore PSU by Electroware

Today, I recieved a parcel from Electroware, located in Poland. These guys have seen the market for new power supplies to the old Commodore computers. Everybody knows that the original PSU bricks will fail some day, and may burn the precious MOS chips to kingdom come. Hence, many of us have made our own PSUs, or even bought one of the legendary PSUs made by Ray Carlsen. However, Electroware produces PSUs thar are less expensive and have recieved mostly positive reviews.

I am tired of making my own PSUs, but I do not want to sell any Commodore machines with original PSUs only. It is plain stupidity to depend on those old C64 PSU bricks. The original C128 PSU has better records and may be safer. Anyway, I ordered one C128 PSU and one C64 PSU from Electroware, hoping I hade made my last PSU for my many Commodre machines.

The shipping was swift and the packaging excellent:

The only strange thing was that the C64 PSU had a serial number printed on a label (see picture above), while no such thing is seen on the C128 PSU. It hardly matters, I guess. The casing is identical, as you can see on the pictures.

The design is simple, and mostly non intrusive. The red power button is a bit too much for me, and the PSU would look better with a black button. I was thrilled to realize that there is no light in the red button when the PSU is switched on. However, there is green LED inside the PSU, as seen on this picture:

Green LED inside the C128 PSU.

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