What Ubuntu needs

This is a gonzo-review starting already before the installation is finished. It takes a looong time for anything to happen. But, OK, the netbook or whatever you call it, is an old Atom thing from before the Arabian spring. The version of Ubuntu is something like 13.10 or perhaps 13.90?

(…) It is installed and running quite nicely. However, one thing struck me like a rabbit screaming for more: The version system is obsolete. There needs to be ONE Ubuntu for each supported architecture, and a continuous updating on all levels.

(…) The problem of arbitrariness in hardware is, however, as huge as it is in Windows. Fuck MacOS, which is developed to a limited set of component combinations.

The world needs to change. There must a limited number of component combinations, or else … or else the fucking world will seize to exist. Our way of life will be impossible under the spell of the arbitrariness of unlimited hardware combinations.

Hence, the NEXUS, hence that fucking iPad, hence Dell. Hence, that rotten apple of euphoric delusions!

Ubuntu must be bundled with SYSTEMS, only some SYSTEMS, and BIOS upgrade must be part of the OS upgrade system. Die, the PC!

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