Welcome, Ubuntu 8.04 LTS! But what happened to ipw?

Ubuntu has become my favorite Linux distro, mostly because of its simplicity, its continuity and the fact that most problems are easily solved by a Google search. The community is active and helpful.

So, I installed 8.04 («Hardy Heron») on my HP Compaq nc6320 – after a happy time with 7.10. Everything went well, as it usually does with Ubuntu, except for the configuration of my wireless network card (the built-in Intel 3945-card). It turns out that Ubuntu no longer uses Intel’s ipw-drivers, but a new completely opensourced iwl-driver, which for some reason fails to do its job. I had to connect/disconnect to my WPA-encrypted wlan a lot of times after each boot to reach the internet. In addition to that the blue light on the wireless button did not work.

1. The solution is to change to the Wicd Network manager, which so far does its job much better than the default Network Manager. The installation of wicd is explained on the Wicd download page.

2. For the blue light on the network button to work, I found out that I had to enable Bluetooth in the BIOS. That’s a bit annoying since I don’t use it, but anyway…

Quite frankly I am a bit critical to the change from the ipw-drivers to iwl, since the ipw-drivers worked fairly well for me, and the iwl-drivers seem to be on a rather early stage of development.

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  • Thomas sier: mai 8, 2008, kl. 2:13 pm Hi, i ‘m thinking about switching back to ipw driver, because my wlan is very unstable and slow. It wasn’t so under gutsy. To get the wlan led work (latitude d620) i have installed the backport-hard package. After that my driver version is 1.2.25 und the led status work. Greeting from Germany
  • Bernaard sier: mai 8, 2008, kl. 5:06 pm Thank you for the advice, Thomas! The combination of Wicd and iwl works quite OK for me now, but it didn’t work at all with the default Network Manager!
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  • Thomas sier: mai 14, 2008, kl. 9:34 am Yes, everything isn’t stable. The iwl3945 has a problem with the throughput, my adapter is limited to 110kb/s rx, sometimes my system freezes while the card is scanning… Yesterday, I went back to the older ipw3945 driver. With the old driver the wireless card runs like a pig or better like a gutsy gibbon…
  • Sten During sier: juni 12, 2008, kl. 11:18 am Running kubuntu 8.04 with backports installed, which solved the led-problem. No problems with speed, but the network shuts down (together with led) at least every ten minutes, and more often whenever I start simultaneous connections (like starting Firefox with ten+ tabs). /var/log/syslog dumps the error-message reported in several bug-threads. Opening up a new connection to the lost network (right-clicking on network manager, etc) brings me back on-line for another ten minutes or so.

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