CWA 854

It turned out that my CWA 854-repeater (from CNet) had been mounted a year without repeating anything. Why? I don’t know, the settings turned out to be all right.

However, the CWA 854 does not like encryption, and that was the problem. So now I am sending extremely sensitive information (for example about Trechinsky and van Wunderwelt) over an unencrypted connection. I have to communicate with The van Wunderwelt Committee. It’s really bad that a wireless repeater doesn’t work with encryption. Shame on you, CNet.

So, if you have been as stupid as me and bought a CWA 854 from CNet, then you can make it extend your wireless network by turning off any kind of encryption on all wireless routers and setting the CWA 854 in AP+WDS mode (Wireless>Basic Settings). Do turn on MAC filtering and hidden essid. Keep your essid absurd, like «coldironhands98cc» (find your own absurd one, do not use my example), do not use your name or street address as an essid! These precautions will keep 97 percent of all unwanted visitors away. The last three percent are impossible to keep out, anyway(s).

If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, then you’ve got to give the CWA 854 back to the shop and tell them the truth: This equipment reduces the security of any network!

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