An Eight Bit Ghost of the Past…

I am ecstatic… I got an old Commodore 64 from my friend, Tombua. Even the old model which has the same style as the old stove which my parents bought in the eighties.



Is she not a beauty? The good old shift lock-key, which locks mechanically. And of course: The wonderful Commodore key…



In addition to three cassette players, I even got an old model 1570 disk station, a monstrous thing, for real floppy floppies:



The things I am worried about is getting hold of some floppy disks and making the power supply work (or getting a new one). The power supply I got with the computer has a square plug which does not fit the computer:



However, I WILL get this thing running… I cannot wait until the day when I can play Barbarian and Oslo Børs on this eight bit system of glory. I will post continuously on the story of how this beauty will reincarnate!

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